Luxury Tent Stay Near Mumbai

Looking for a luxury tent stay near mumbai? Do you want to live closer to Nature?

Sleeping under the open sky and stars, but at the same time you are not comfortable with sleeping in a sleeping bag or the discomfort of not having the basic amenities around while camping, then luxury tent stay is the solution for your problem.

Staying in Luxury tents is popularly known as ‘Glamping’ which is a combination of glamourous and camping, i.e., glamorous camping. 

The idea of glamping is gaining momentum all over the world, in India as well, there are many places like Wayanad, Ladakh, Kanha in Madhya Pradesh, and our very own Mumbai where you will be able to have a good glamping experience. 

You should experience glamping at least once in your life, some of the reasons why you should try staying in a luxury tent on your next outing are.


You will have the best of both worlds.

By booking a luxury tent, you will get the best experience of both worlds, i.e., you will be close to the rawness of nature and at the same time will have all the facilities of comfortable hotel accommodation. 

You will engage in various outdoor activities usually done during a camping trip whilst having a pleasant stay in a tent with facilities like refrigerators, air conditioners and a cosy bed to sleep. 

You will be staying amidst Nature, all you have to do is leave the comfortable bed and step out of the tent and take in the breath-taking view Mother nature has to offer.

Hence, planning your next staycation at a luxury tent will give you the best experience from both worlds.


Be close to Nature.

One of the reasons you should give Tent stay or glamping a try is to get a chance to experience what it is to be close to nature, which is quite difficult while living in the city.

Hotels and resorts are usually built around those locations where people can reach quite easily, while you will find luxury tents at such a place where logistically, it is difficult to build any kind of resorts or hotels. 

For example, the luxury tent you have booked overlooks the beautiful mountain ranges, a beautiful lake or a chirping of the birds right in the middle of the forest. 

Staying in luxury tents will make you appreciate the wonders of nature you ignore while you are hustling back home.

Alleviate Stress

In general, camping helps alleviate stress, it is proven that lack of oxygen aggravates the level of stress and anxiety in a person, with camping, you are close to nature and have access to fresh unpolluted air, which helps in reducing the stress level

If you are cynical about the tents while camping, then you should opt for luxury tents, which will help you experience the benefits of camping with all the essential facilities required for a comfortable stay.

Gives you a comfortable camping experience.

tent stay near mumbai

Most people avoid going camping because of the discomfort it comes with, like sleeping on uneven ground, inside a small tent, and with no access to clean bathrooms. 

Although some may say these actual camping experiences should not be missed out, for many, these are the reasons why they say no to camping.

For people who want to experience camping with the comfort of all the necessary amenities, you should opt for a luxury tent stay.

The luxury tent is spacious and equipped with all the comforts for a pleasant and relaxing stay, giving you a very comfortable camping experience.

For people in Mumbai and Pune, there are quite some options available for getting a glamping experience.

One such place is near Dapoli called TentOTreat, where nature meets luxury.

TentOTreat is a place that is a perfect place for a weekend getaway with family or friends.

You will be delighted to experience one of the best luxury tents to stay near Mumbai and Pune at TentOTreat by shrikanchan hotels and resorts

Some of the reasons why TentOTreat is the ideal place to experience camping with comfort are.


Luxurious Tents

luxurious tent stay near mumbai

TentOTreat is built keeping a glamping theme in mind. The property has five luxurious tents, ensuring that you get all the comforts necessary while staying here and getting the actual camping experience as well. 

These luxury tents overlook the beautiful and breath-taking view of the mountains. You should not miss the lovely sunrise from your respective tents, an ideal way to start your day amidst the beauty of Mother Nature.


Camping Experience

You will be experiencing various camping activities like trekking, hiking and barbeque while staying at TentOTreat.

The experience of sitting around the bonfire on a chilly night is simply fantastic. You can play various camping games like Charades, truth or dare or antakshari while enjoying the bonfire and the delicious food.

This is also a great place to have a great conversation with new people.


Active Stay

tentotreat amenities

One of the best parts of staying at TentOTreat is that you will have many activities to enjoy. They have built a massive 35000 sq. ft sports complex in this property where you can play varieties of indoor and outdoor games like carrom, board games, tennis, football, cricket, to name a few.

Besides that, you can go trekking in the nearby mountains and enjoy the trip towards the top of the mountain with a magnificent view of the valley. 

Your stay at TentOTreat will give you a real camping experience without the discomfort associated with it.


Delicious Local Food

Every trip is incomplete without eating the delicious food the place has to offer. The people at TentOTreat make sure you get the good authentic Konkan cuisine during your stay there.

They also give you the bonfire and barbeque experience, which is requisite while camping. You have the option of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian with loads of variety in the food. 

Whether to get a camping experience or not, it would be worth a trip to TentOTreat by getting away from the flurry of city life.

One should definitely experience some time away from the concrete jungle to spending time in an actual wilderness close to Mother Nature. Book your stay now.