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Tent O Treat offers you to book luxurious tents in Vanoshi on and off the course of time spent on Sports complex and/ or in the nearabouts of Vanoshi.

This way of time spent gives you a thrill of camping in the woods and celebrating a stress-free zest of life.

This has been established in 2018 and has got lots more to explore. Fascinating places in the vicinity of Vanoshi are likely to be enjoyed by means of just one stop solution which is Tent O Treat.

We Provide best accommodation services with hygienic food facility and so the residents are mostly refrained from carrying tiffins to the Sports Complex since we are here to serve you.

So book a tent with us and explore a different way of staying.

Best Way to Explore Vanoshi, Dapoli is here! You are at right place. TAKE A DEEP BREATH… Rejuvenate your mind and experience the energetic and pollution free climate, deep and sound sleep here. 

Offering Memorable Sightseeing Tours by TENT O TREAT


24 hrs Hot & Cold Shower


Meeting Room




Free Wifi


Cable TV, AC

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As we come close to completing four decades, we take pride in all the instruments we have launched that comply with International Standards in terms of quality, performance, reliability, regulatory and GLP/GMP.

बहुतेक मराठी पालकांना वाटतं की हल्ली मुलं वाचत नाहीत- निदान मराठीत काही वाचत नाहीत. अनेकांना वाटतं की टीव्ही, क्रिकेट, मोबाईल, व्हॉटस अॅप यांतच त्यांचा वेळ जातो. तुम्हालाही असंच वाटतंय? पण असं का होत असेल?

Shrikanchan Hotels comprises of properties named Shrikanchan Niwas, Tent O Treat and Sports Complex…the charming home-stay that allows you to enjoy all the natural grandeur of Kolthare, Situated at 2 mins walking distance (200 meters) from the Kolthare beach which is one of the cleanest beaches in India.

The 30000 sq. ft plot has lawn tennis court, mini-cricket and football grounds, basketball and volleyball courts, Golf driving ranges, cycling track and 2-m-wide running track. This Sports Complex constructed in Vanoshi, Dapoli.

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