The Ultimate Glamping Experience – TentOTreat

For the enthusiast, camping helps them relax, rejuvenate and also makes them appreciate the little things in life. It is an altogether different feeling to be outside in the middle of nature, where most of the time, you won’t even get a mobile signal.

It is just you and your loved ones or just you enjoying the moment and soaking in the peace and tranquillity that is surrounding you at the campsite.

Although many people aren’t comfortable with the idea of camping due to the discomfort it comes with, while camping, you will have to endure not-so-optimal conditions like sleeping in the open in a sleeping bag, biting insects, bugs, mosquitoes, the inaccessibility of clean bathrooms, to name a few.

For those who don’t find camping as glamorous and comforting, but at the same time, they want to experience being amidst nature and enjoy those quiet moments, Glamping is something they should give a try.

What is Glamping?

Glamping is the word that combines two words, i.e., “Glamorous” and “Camping.” It is the form of rugged luxury, wherein it bridges the beauty of nature with the comforts of modern utilities.

The concept of glamping prevailed since the 1900s, and the origin of the word “Glamping” was seen in the early 2000s, and slowly it started gaining popularity.

The word ‘Glamping’ was included in the Oxford dictionary only in 2016, making it a legit English word. Over the years, the glamping experience has evolved right from the Mongolian yurts to the luxury tents, luxurious cabins, huts, treehouses, pods and more.

Today glamping is also known by various names like luxury camping, posh camping or boutique camping. The fundamentals of the concept of glamping are for the people to experience and enjoy camping without the worries of carrying all the camping tents, pitching the tent, dismantling it and carrying it back along with other camping equipment.

Glamping has redefined Camping for all, and more and more people are opting for the glamorous way of camping as opposed to the traditional one.

TentOTreat – The Ultimate Glamping Experience

Like every country, India is also experiencing a rise in the demand for a Glamping experience. There are quite a number of agencies that provide people with glamping experience.

For people around Mumbai and Pune, TentOTreat at Dapoli is the place to get the ultimate glamping experience. 

How to reach TentOTreat?


TentOTreat is roughly 240 km from Mumbai and around 220 km from Pune, i.e., at least a six to seven hours beautiful drive from Mumbai or Pune towards this picturesque location.

Being in the Konkan belt, you will witness the beauty of Mother Nature with lush green trees and fields on both sides of roads. You will immediately feel the drop in the temperature, as the warm breeze that you experience while driving in the city quickly changes into a cool breeze courtesy of the trees and fields throughout the place.

TentOTreat is 15 km away from the centre of Dapoli in a beautiful quaint village named Vanoshi. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should book your luxury tents at TentOTreat.

Comfortable and Relaxing

The amenities that TentOTreat guarantees comfort to the visitors. The tents here have all the modern and comforting amenities like comfortable beds, air conditioning, clean washrooms, and Wi-Fi.

The staff here ensures that your stay here is as comfortable as possible and is at your service whenever needed. The property looks like it is covered in green carpet, with a beautiful view from all the rooms.

You can enjoy, relax and get the camping experience by staying in these beautiful glamping tents

Various choices of accommodation.

Not only the stay here is comfortable and relaxing you can choose from three different options of accommodation. You can select either one of the five luxury tents or premium villa rooms, or if you are travelling with a big group, their dormitory with 22 beds is a good option.

Wherever you choose to stay, you will be provided with all the required facilities that will make your stay here relaxing and rejuvenating. Be it the tent, villas or dormitory, and all the property blends beautifully with the rawness of nature.

Experience Nature at its best.

Vanoshi, where TentOTreat is located in an idyllic village in the interiors of Dapoli. The village is surrounded by beautiful lush green trees and fields with equally beautiful people residing here.

You will get a real camping experience by being so close to nature. The bright sunlight will help you to wake up in the morning with the chirping of the birds.

The air is without any pollution, you will be breathing pure air, which is a luxury in the city. Chances are there, you might see some of the exotic migratory birds during your stay at TentOTreat, as Dapoli is known for the sighting of migratory birds. All in all, you will never feel so close to nature before.

A Place of Activity.

Sports complex at tentotreat

TentOTreat was developed keeping in mind the need for an active life. You should enjoy the massive 35000 sq. ft. sports complex inside the property.

Here you can play most forms of indoor and outdoor games, which includes golf, Badminton, tennis, football and lots more. The sports complex also has a huge selection of various board and indoor games to choose from.

Apart from that, you can explore the property or explore some of the beautiful and historical places like Shri Chandika Devi temple or Panhalekaji Caves or various beaches nearby and many more places that would mesmerize you.

Everything Glamping.

luxurious tent stay near mumbai

At TentOTreat, you will enjoy every aspect of camping, staying in the midst of nature and taking in the beauty of the place. Enjoying bonfire and playing camping games or having a good conversation with your family and friends.

Apart from that you can go trekking in the nearby mountain and get your dose of adventure by climbing the hilltop and enjoy the breath-taking view from the top.

You can also ask the staff here for some special request if you need something in particular while you are in your glamping tents. Here at TentOTreat, you can enjoy all the goodness of camping without the discomfort associated with camping.

Glamping with Lip smacking Food.


Camping or not, food plays a very important role in every trip you take, and it is no different here while you are staying at TentOTreat.

You won’t be disappointed at all as here you will be served some delicious food, being at the Konkan belt, you will enjoy the burst of flavour in everything you eat.

The food is well-made that balances all the spices and flavours beautifully. Sea-food lovers would be in paradise, and they should not miss the fresh sea-food preparation by the chef.

Unlike traditional camping trips, you need not have the trouble of carrying your own cooking equipment and cutleries with you here while you are camping at TentOTreat.

The very purpose of camping is to be close to nature and be cut off from civilization for some time. Who said only people who can manage the discomfort of lack of amenities could enjoy camping?

TentOTreat is a great place to experience the actual camping life without compromising on comfort. It is indeed a place where you will enjoy camping but with panache.