What if it rains, is this place suitable?

Yes, certainly the place is suitable. The Tent-O-Treat tents are designed in such a way that the rainwater does not penetrate neither from the bottom or the sides.

How safe are the tents?

Tent-O-Treat property is completely fenced and secure. But we suggest that don’t check-in late night because wild animals roams during night time in nearby jungles.

Are there any leeches or any insect at the place?

No, there isn’t any problem with the leeches.

Is this place suitable for corporate picnics?

Yes of course. As Tent-O-Treat has a multisport complex beside our luxurious tents where corporate people can play team games for their team-building exercise or just to have fun.

Are there washrooms at the place?

Yes, there is a washroom in every tent.

Which sports we can play in sports complex?

You can play multiple sports at our sports complex such as Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, and Badminton with the attached Jogging Track.

Is there any problem mosquitoes at the place?

No. As we keep place very clean and neat, there is no problem of mosquitoes.

How many luxurious tents do you have in Vanoshi, Dapoli?

We have 5 luxurious tents with all the amenities such as Air-Conditioner, Wardrobe, Clean Washrooms, Coffee maker, T.V, Twin Beds and Desk. We can add one more mattresses per tent on customer’s demand (charges applicable).

Does bathrooms have shower and hot water?

Yes, all bathrooms have shower and 24×7 hot water.

Do you have more accommodation capacity?

We have Dormitory stay where 40 people can be accommodated. Currently, we are building 6 deluxe rooms beside tents. We also have deluxe stay near Kolthare beach which is just 5-6 Kms away from Tent-O-Treat.

Is there any nearby spots you can suggest?

Yes there are lot of attractive spots nearby Tent-O-Treat like Kolthare Beach, Harnai Beach, Suvarnadurg, Panhalekaji Caves, Dabhol Jetty, etc.

Do you provide internet connection?

A wireless internet connection is available at Tent-O-Treat.

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